On this website I go over the services that I offer so that you can pick the one that works best for you.  Setting up your free initial phone consultation is easy! Please take a few moments,  look through the site and call to discuss your interests in beginning to work together.

Throughout my 30+ years of practice, I have noticed a common thread which has connected most of my clients, even though they came from very different backgrounds and had their own distinct situations and concerns. Many were struggling because they were not living each day based on what they said they wanted in life.

  • Unhappy at work?
  • Stressed with family responsibilities?
  • Providing care to a parent and trying to get support from your family?
  • Planning retirement and uncertain on next steps?

My goal is to help you identify what changes you want and need in your life, while developing the steps needed to reach them. By working together, we can:

  • Create a deeper connection with your family and your loved ones.
  • Help clarify what you want and how to get it
  • Create a workable plan to achieve your career goals and your personal vision
  • Manage yourself, your game plan, your team, and your business successfully.
  • Become self-motivated and inspired to reach your goals
  • Be able to clearly see,  focus on and express your vision.

I offer a free consultation to allow us to determine if we are a good match, and from there, we can begin our work!

Call me at 314-477-3144 to take the first step to feeling better.

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