What I love to do is help people going through key transitions in their life. 

Some examples of these transitions include losing a loved one, changing careers, and helping a family member cope with a loved one with Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, stroke or other debilitating conditions.

Everyone processes experiences like these differently, but there are patterns that we all share. It's not uncommon to lose sleep, become depressed and anxious andwhile it's natural, there are teachable ways of more deeply and effectively understandingand coping with these symptoms.

I've helped hundreds of people over the years and doing this work is what gives me professional fulfillment.

I started my career 40 years ago running an adult day care center that won national recognition for our programming and the positivity we created with our participants and their families at our center. I then moved on to directing all of the adult day centers operated by the Red Cross in St Louis. In the last 10 years I transitioned into work as a private coach in addition to counseling and training.

I meet with my clients in my office for individual and family counseling, coaching  and consultation. I'm happy to work over the phone or even video chat if that is more convenient.

However we do it, it's my goal to work with you to get you back to a greater sense of well-being and life balance.