Care consultations

Are you experiencing frustration with the maze of services along the continuum of care, now that you are caring for your aging family member?  Do your parents live in another city, or do you and your siblings disagree on the best steps to take to support your older family member?

Does your parent/spouse need:

  • Emotional support?
  • Supervision?
  • Additional services to keep them as independent as possible?

Does your family need:

  • Coaching around difficult conversations?
  • Transition consultation when a move to a new level of care is imminent?
  • Mediation to get to an agreed upon plan of care for your older family member?
  • Reliable resources for your aging parent because you are out of town, or cannot take enough time from work without putting your job at risk?

Understanding the array of services available, ways to access them and most importantly how to address the need with your family member can require more time and expertise than you have.  We have over 50 years’ experience working with families dealing with Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, stroke and other disabling conditions.  These difficult health challenges will require more care, nuanced conversations and resources and we can help you put a solid plan into place.

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